How to ID Briggs and Straton engines

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 How to ID Briggs and Straton engines Empty How to ID Briggs and Straton engines

Post by BlackScorpion on Fri 15 Jul 2011, 11:35 pm

This article was found at DIY Go Karts.

You can also download this PDF File (Model Type Codes) which provides the same basic Info.

Where to find the numbers here's some places to look

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there are 3 sets of numbers model type and code
model numbers
-the first one or two tell how many cubic inches it is
-next one is design series
-then is crank position and type of carb
-3=horizontal,flo-jet,pneumatic gov
-4=horizontal,flo-jet,mechanical gov
-6=(left blank)
-8=(left blank)
-9=vertical pulsa-jet
-then is bearings reduction gears and aux. drives
-finaly is type of starter
type tells paint, decals and other unimportant stuff
code tell when and where it was made
-1st and 2nd tell year ex. '96
-3rd and 4th tell month ex. 02=february
-5th and 6th tell day
-6th and 7th tell assembly line and manufacturing plant

heres some common sizes of BRIGGS motors and their hp
80cc = 2.4 hp VANGUARD SERIES 50000
148cc = 3.5 HP I/C Model Series 92200
148cc = 3.5 HP INDUSTRIAL PLUS ™ Model Series 93400
126cc = 4hp VANGUARD Model Series 86400
206cc = 5.5 HP PowerBuilt ™ OHV Model Series 126400
181cc = 6 HP VANGUARD ™ Model Series 118400
206cc = 6.5 HP INTEK ™ PRO Model Series 123400
215cc = 7.5 HP VANGUARD ™ Model Series 138400
305cc = 8 HP PowerBuilt ™ OHV Model Series 201400
342cc = 11 HP PowerBuilt ™ OHV Model Series 210400

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