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How to Hook up a Kill Switch on a Go Kart Empty

How to Hook up a Kill Switch on a Go Kart

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PostBlackScorpion on Tue 15 May 2012, 3:07 pm

This article is from, the original article can be seen here:
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A Go Kart is a great recreational vehicle to have. It is usually used for racing other go karts on a track. The vehicle itself is usually made of a metal frame with 4 off-road capable wheels added to the vehicle. A go kart usually sits low to the ground. Kart racing is a type of car race that go kart enthusiasts enjoy participating in. It is a sport that is usually run on off road or dirt tracks. This type of racing is usually the first step into developing an enthusiastic car racing athlete. Go Karts can be made to reach different speeds. Some Go Karts can reach a speed of around 150 mils per hour whereas other Go Karts can only ever reach 60 miles per hour. The weight of an average Go Kart is over 250 pounds.

A kill switch is a switch that is added to a Go Kart as a security measure. It is generally used to quickly shut off the Go Kart should the driver run into a situation where they no longer can control the vehicle. This is an essential component in emergency situations. When the kill switch is engaged, it will quickly turn off the operation ot the vehicle in a way that will minimize the amount of damage that may incur. Below is a step by step process on how to hook up a kill switch to your Go Kart.

Step 1 - Remove the Flywheel

Consult the diagram for your Go Kart and pull out the manufacturer's instructions. Taking a wrench or an impact gun, remove the flywheel. Remove the tin cover that covers the points and components of the wire. The wire is located where you will add the kill switch. Follow the wire with your fingers. You will note that it connects to the condensor on your Go Kart.

Step 2 - Add the Kill Switch

Take out the kill switch and pull the wires from underneath the switch. Using a wire stripper, strip the ends of the wires on the Kill Switch. Wire the stripped ends to the condenser on the Go-Kart. Crimp the wire onto the condenser and add a electrical wire connector to make sure the connection is kept protected.

Step 3 - Install the Switch

Install the switch in a location that can be easily reached by the driver. Add the switch below the steering column.

Step 4 - Add a Face Plate

Purchase a face plate or a plastic unit that will fit neatly over the kill switch. Make sure one end is secured to the Go Kart frame and the other end left loose fitting on the other side of the switch. The Face plate will prevent an unintentional flip of the kill switch by the operator of the Go Kart.

Step 5 - Test

Test the operation of the kill switch while the Go Kart is in the stationary position.

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