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How fast would a lawn mower motor be able to make a go-kart go? Empty

How fast would a lawn mower motor be able to make a go-kart go?

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PostBlackScorpion on Fri 21 Jun 2013, 11:35 pm

How fast would a lawn mower motor be able to make a go-kart go?

My mates and i want to make a go-kart and we're gonna use a lawn mower motor. How may km/h can a lawn mower motor make a go-kart go?

A stock briggs & stratton 5 hp best choice
can soup it up and with right gearing can get you into the 80 mph range
once race karts when younger easy to find parts for easy to build into a monster
cheap to find old garden tiller motors
type into search box

how to build a go kart
briggs & stratton Performance parts
briggs & stratton racing parts
how to hop up a briggs

easy stuff to work with not many moving parts

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What is more fun than watching people zooming around a race track in a little car that is totally left up to driver skill to ride in? Being the driver. Go karts are little cars, usually consisting of an engine, wheels, a chassis and a brake mechanism. Invented by a hot rod builder in the 1950's these phenomenal karts have been a hobby that has lasted for as long as they've been around. Different kinds of go karts exist and many brands are available, and there are even evolutionary brethren, such as dune buggies and other ATV craft. It is an enjoyable hobby for anyone interested in automotives and for kids that have that need for speed.

Go karts are little cars with engines on them. They are made much like Indy stock cars and are in fact, the brain child of an Indy car builder. Art Ingels made the first go kart out of a filched lawn mower motor and a bicycle chain. The chassis was made of tubular metal and the engine was a two stroke number that powered the kart up to about thirty miles an hour. Taken from there they have branched from non marketed specialty toys to on the market toys for children and adults. These days, the engine can be an electric motor or traditionally gas powered, and there are all varying in size and displacement.

What used to just be combustion gas powered engines has turned into an industry full of engines both electric and gas powered. The gas powered ones have an engine capacity up to 150cc and perhaps a little larger; this allows a rider to hit speeds such as 35 miles an hour. These usually have about a two liter fuel capacity and can ride for a little more than an hour. Electric ones are quite as good.

Usually charging for 8 to 12 hours, you can get up to 12 or 15 mph and about an hours worth of good riding time. Companies that produce go karts have cropped up all over the world and toy companies as well as automotive distributors are cashing in.

There are several spin off's of go karts as well. A dune buggy is a go kart with bigger tires and slightly different chassis, designed for use on the beach and off road. Other ATV craft have spawned from go karts, as well as the go kart itself evolving from gas powered to the more green electric models available. Of course, if you are looking for a project you can get a do it yourself kit - something that was available as early as regular, pre-built go karts. The enormity of this is that it is affordable for just about anyone to build or buy a go kart.

These go karts have been a source of fun and entertainment for children and families for many years. It will continue to be so because go karts spark in interest in those children that have a need for adrenaline and speed. Many big name racers have started out racing go karts and made a career out of racing real Indy cars. Some have made a career out of building and selling go karts, but the one thing they both have in common is sharing a love for go-karts and ATV racing. This will keep go karts going for many more years.

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