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An 8-step guide to swapping out the output shaft [rear axle] from your GY6 transmission.

Rear Axle (Output Shaft) Install Guide For Honda Ruckus GY6 Swaps                                        [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The short axles can be found at the link below. You may also want to order the gaskets at the same time:
1. Transmission Output Shaft [Short Axle - 5.25 inches]
2. Gasket, Transmission cover
3. Gasket, CVT Cover [Longcase]
(or if you have a shortcase, click here)

1. Remove muffler.

2. Remove (Cool 8mm bolts holding CVT cover to crankcase. Carefully remove CVT cover; Go slowly, as the gasket can be easily be destroyed. It is best to carefully slide a flat blade screwdriver between the cover and gasket material to separate them. We have replacement gaskets in stock if yours is destroyed.

3. With the cover off, you can see the variator (unit with fins), driven clutch pulley (unit with 6 holes), and belt. Remove the variator and clutch nuts. They are both 19mm. The minimal force needed to remove these nuts is 40ft/lbs -- It is best to use an air impact wrench. If an air impact wrench is not available, use a large strap wrench to hold the unit steady while loosening bolt.

WARNING: DO NOT hold the cooling plate in place by jamming items through the fins; this will most certainly result in broken fins and other damage to the cooling plate.

4. Remove belt, variator, and clutch pulley.

5. Drain gearbox oil at this time. With the oil drained, remove the (6) 8mm bolts on the Final Gear Case Cover. To remove the Final Gear Case Cover, very carefully tap it away from the crank case with a hammer. This will take patience, as the gear case gasket is easy to destroy. When you have enough clearance between the crankcase and cover, very slowly slide a screwdriver between the cover and gasket and then pull cover away. We have replacement gaskets in stock if yours is destroyed.

6. You should now see the final gear case internals. Pull out the output shaft (The shaft positioned farthest to the rear of the entire assembly) and gear. The counter shaft may fall out, but just sit that aside.

7. If the new output shaft you received in the kit does not have a C-Clip, remove the clip from the original output shaft and install onto new shaft. Place the final gear onto the new output shaft supplied with the kit, and place the new output shaft into the transmission housing.

8. Assemble transmission and CVT in the reverse order of disassembly.

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