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PostBlackScorpion on Sat 13 Nov 2010, 9:30 pm


A diagram and description detailing stock axle removal and BDX Heavy Duty axle installation.

BDX Heavy-Duty Axle Installation Instructions

Axle Installation. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Click Here for larger image

Important note: The new axle bearings included in this kit will need to be positioned properly to eliminate sideplay from the axle assembly. If you look at the new bearings you will see that there are sleeves on both sides of bearing. On one side of the bearing the sleeve will be longer and have 2 set screws. When assembling the bearings on the axle they both need to be positioned facing the same direction, both set screw sleeves should pointing in the same direction, either both left or both right. If after doing this, the bearings are now too tight to bolt down fully: use the included (3) washers between one of the bearing mounts and the frame. See the picture near at the bottom of step D.

Parts List:

1x Axle shaft

2x Sprocket/rotor hubs

2x Wheel Hubs

1x Pack of wheel studs & nylock wheel nuts

2x Axle-end washers

(Cotter pins have been removed from the kit now that we're including nylock axle nuts)

A. Before starting.

1) Lift rear end of buggy and support. The rear tires must be off of the ground during the installation process.

B. Stock axle removal.

1) Unbolt and remove rear wheels from hubs (four nuts on each side).

2) Use needle-nose pliers or a similar tool to disconnect chain master link. Remove chain.

3) Unbolt axle bearing flanges on both sides (3 bolts per flange).

4) Pull each bearing away from the frame and remove axle.

C. Reclaiming the rotor & sprocket.

1) Remove cotter pins from each side of axle.

2) Unbolt and remove rear hubs.

3) Unbolt and remove sprocket and brake rotor.

D. Getting the new axle ready.

1) Remove new axle from box.

2) Remove wheel hubs from axle.

3) Remove sprocket/rotor hubs and hub locks.

4) Thread supplied wheel studs into wheel hubs. Torque to 10 ft/lbs. (4 studs per hub)

5) Attach sprocket and rotor to their respective hubs using bolts from original assembly. (See assembly image for the parts locations.)

6) Slide bearings onto axle shaft.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

E. Final assembly.

1) Re-install axle in reverse of step B, with the above picture in mind.

2) Before installing the chain, the axle sprocket will need to be adjusted into place, then locked with the supplied locking collars.

3) When tightening the hub locks, be careful not to over tighten. Once the bolt has made contact with the axle splines, turn approximately a third rotation until the bolt is snugly fit.

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