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PostBlackScorpion on Sat 13 Nov 2010, 9:41 pm


Easy to follow instructions.

How-to: Install The STAGE 1 Drivetrain Package
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Rollers & Power Spring

1. Remove (2) 11mm nuts from the exhaust flange and (1) 5/8" bolt holding the muffler to the CVT cover. Remove muffler.

2. Remove (Cool 8mm bolts holding CVT cover to transmission case.

3. With the cover now off, you can see the variator, driven pulley, and belt. Locate the large nut (19mm) holding the variator assembly on the crankshaft. The minimal force needed to remove this nut is around 40ft/lbs. If an air impact wrench is not available, have a partner hold the variator cooling-fin plate steady with a strap wrench while loosening the nut.

Please do not hold the cooling plate in place by jamming items through the fins; this will result in damage to the cooling plate.

4. Remove variator as one unit by pulling from behind. Remove belt.

5. Place variator face down and insert your choice of roller weights. Make sure the three red spacers attached to the backing plate do not fall out.

6. Continue further to install the power spring.

7. Remove 19mm nut from clutch bell housing using the same method as the variator nut.

8. Remove bell housing and slide out the clutch & rear pulley assembly.

Please note: The large spring inside of the pulley is called the face buster spring, and for a good reason. Please be careful when removing the nut, as the clutch may be launched into the air if it is not properly restrained.

9. Secure they pulley and carefully loosen the large nut holding the pulley together. A large adjustable wrench can be used to pry the nut off while the clutch is held in place using a bench vice.

Note: It is best to just use the wrench to loosen the nut, then with the unit face-up on the floor use one knee and one hand to keep the spring compressed. Use your free hand to remove the nut, then carefully release pressure on the clutch.

10. Swap the old ring guide to the new spring and reassemble pulley.

11. Assemble in the reverse order of disassembly. Make sure to tighten the variator and bell housing nuts to 40ft/lbs.

12. Be sure to keep the variator tight while replacing the belt to ensure none turn sideways.

If your buggy seems very sluggish after installation, check the roller weights again. It is common for the rollers to turn sideways when installing the belt if pressure is not kept on the variator. This causes the transmission to start off in high gear. Disassemble and position roller weights correctly.

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